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Our History

Like most success stories, Comfort Workwear rose from humble beginnings.

Founded in Hong Kong by a father and daughter duo in 1984, we were a boilersuit factory shipping primarily to the United Kingdom.

The following decades brought unprecedented success, our commitment to the best customer service, value, and constant growth, saw us expand into Mainland China and South East Asia to become one of the most established manufacturers of workwear and military garments in the world!

Now led by the third generation of Comfort Workwear, we have returned to our home-base with the goal to use our knowledge to improve the standard of workwear and uniform in Hong Kong.

Today, Comfort Workwear produces millions of garments per year and is a trusted partner for some of the world's most famous brands.

Please contact us for more information about our uniform design, consultancy, and supply services.

Company Timeline

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